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Editorial: Time for rethinking with consensus

Afghanistan and its people are suffering since a long due to blind faiths in each and everyone. During so-called cold war they remain divided as some of them expecting Socialist Revolution from former USSR whereas someone attached hopes with US led allies regarding enforcement of Islamic Sharia. And similar was the post so-called cold war era whereas from two rival ideological groups Afghans were disintegrated and besides two former global foes, certain others also enabled of establishing presence and influence in Afghanistan. However, the 9/11 tragedy enabled the Afghans to remain united for the better future of their motherland. During this period, the US led allies and several other have made tall claims regarding reconstruction, re-structuring of war destroyed infrastructure and rehabilitation of living infrastructures. Though unprecedented achievements in reconstruction and revival of living infrastructure but the world community in general and US led allies in particular failed in restoration of peace and elimination of terrorism from its roots. Still the Afghans are at the same place from where they started journey for getting the goals of peace and tranquility. Even the National Unity Government soon after assuming the office had signed the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the US. The agreement that was refused to ink by former President Hamid Karzai despite its endorsement by the traditional Loya Jirga. Instead of gifting peace, solidarity and sovereignty to Afghanistan and its people, the BSA lead to strengthening of the militancy trend and interference from neighbouring countries in internal affairs of Afghanistan. At this stage, violent acts are touching its peak. Uncertainty amongst the already war stricken Afghans is fuelling day by day. Instead of going ahead with the solidarity established during Bonn Germany agreement in end of 2001, divisions widening day by day amongst the Afghans. Keeping in view the existing circumstances, responsibility rest with the Afghan government to realize its responsibilities of taking steps for making united the Afghans for pulling Afghanistan out of existing crises. And the consensus amongst Afghans always developed through traditional Loya Jirga meetings and assemblies. Whenever Afghanistan ahead with worst crises, the issues resolved immediately through traditional Loya Jirga’s. Almost Afghans are uncertain at this crucial stage as apart from US and several other global powers, the neighboring and regional countries are also making huge investment on militants just to continue war flames and hostilities in Afghanistan.

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