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Editorial: Tinted vehicles carry terrorists

The dilemma of tinted vehicles is the new controversy. Following a recent row of terrorist activities, it is feared that terrorists are carried in tinted cars. Amid the uncertainty, law enforcement has begun a marathon crackdown on vehicles with heavily tinted windows to take illegal and suspicious vehicles off the road. It is a reaction to a recent string of terrorist incidents – spurring criticism – that illegal gunmen and terrorists effortlessly commute using tinted vehicles. The ban was highlighted by Wais Ahmad Barmak, Interior Minister in a parliament questioning on Sunday.

Vehicles with dark tints pose a potential danger to security and are construed as a constant threat of terrorism ahead of election expected in October and in the wake of a spree of carnage perpetrated by the Taliban and Daesh to sabotage this democratic practice.

Barmak expounded the belief that terrorists cunningly sneak into Kabul in tinted vehicles, underscoring a need to adopt stringent preventive measures to restrain terrorist activities.

The crackdown faces another dilemma. Motorists who drive SUVs with heavily tinted windows escape the radar of the law enforcement or resist the clampdown, let alone behave with aggression.

A ban on car window tinting has been divisive and controversial for the past years. Lawmen have had inadvertent failed attempts to enforce a ban on tinted cars. The impetus behind the failure is deterrence from motorists affiliated with those at the helm, strongmen and gunmen.

Albeit, Barmak was agitated by how some prevent the plan. The argument of the minister was that when law enforcement stops or confiscates suspicious tinted cars, some members of parliament make illicit efforts to set them free. Minister Barmak said some lawmakers had told him to release several illegal vehicles that were previously confiscated for suspicious activity or possession of unlicensed firearm.

It is odd to expect this ban to culminate into something substantial, notwithstanding the fact that car stops are a dangerous action policemen perform as each stop puts officers’ safety in jeopardy. That is a daring action, although.

A ban on tinted cars is a daunting task, but an expedient stride to counter terrorism and terrorist activities. In order for it to work, two options are proposed; either the law enforcement be ceded more authority to stop and confiscate all suspicious vehicles irrespective of to whom they belong, or an active military action be taken to arrest all those bigwigs who resist law enforcement.

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