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Editorial: Titans will not conquer

Since the collapse of the Taliban regime, the terrorist outfit is turning every available stone in fight against Afghan and foreign forces. The group uses every step in their fight—from face-to-face fight to suicide attacks—from coordinated attacks to covert ones.

But at every front, the insurgents failed to defeat Afghan security forces or at least to bring down their moral.

From Helmand to Kunduz, and from Nangarhar to Badakhshan—the Afghan security forces repelled Taliban’s spring offensive very sufficiently. Though, there were military and civilian casualties, but as a whole Taliban’s spring offensive was failed. Scores of Taliban militants were killed and wounded. However, the door of peace is still open for Taliban and other militant outfits. It is a crystal fact the Afghan government holds a strong intention of peace talks, but as usual Taliban still can’t move without permission of their masters. Moreover, Taliban insurgents illegally extract minerals and using the money to finance and equip themselves against security forces.

You cannot find a place where Taliban didn’t attack. They targeted mosques, hospitals, marriage halls, graveyards, roads, houses, military barracks, schools and clinics. This time, they go too far as they planted mines on over 400sq km land in the country.

They insurgent s have contaminated more than 400sq km land with landmines, improvised explosive devices (IED), over the past two year, the Ministry of Disaster Management said. These mines were planted in 16 out of the 34 provinces of the country.

As 600 sq km lands still remained a challenge for the government to clear its mines, the ad of 400 sq km is another headache for the government. The government has been striving to clean landmines by 2023 that remained from Soviet era.With the inclusion of 400sq km, now there is a total of nearly 1,000 sq km land with mines.

The plantation of mines by the Taliban insurgents has raised eyebrows that why Taliban have been doing this in the country for the past 16 years. They claim to be adherent of a religion, but destroying their motherland by landmines and other evil designs is totally against Islamic teachings. Loving motherland is indication of strong believe, which Taliban are lacking.Many people believe that the Taliban don’t have any agenda on their own rather they are dancing to the tunes of their masters.

The government should launch a comprehensive fight against Taliban, because they are domestic terrorist if not international. Currently the entire country is passing through a tightrope. Without no doubt Taliban can’t toppled the government, but the government can if there is a swill.

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