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Editorial: Tragedy of IDPs

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) reported this week of the internal displacement of more than half a million people since the beginning of the current year, calling the increasing conflicts in Afghanistan as the main cause of the displacement.

The report has announced that 515, 815 people have fled their homes to other areas, saying it the highest record. The report also shows a 15 per cent increase in the displacement comparing to the same time last year.

Intensifying of armed conflicts this year particularly in the spring and summer times was unprecedented since the Taliban fighters are waging a bloody fight against the government forces and the NATO-led international troops after the group’s government was toppled in 2001.

Scores of innocent civilians among them women and children were killed, injured or lost their normal lives in the north, south and southwestern areas as the insurgents carried out attacks in the provinces of Kunduz, Uruzgan, Helmand and Farah.

Residents of these areas are suffering from the cold weather as they live in the camps in neighboring provinces that threaten their lives.

The displacement severely harms the national economy by damaging micro businesses. This also makes schools, hospitals and other public utilities shut and deprive people of education and healthcare.

The government seems to be unable to tackle this human problem because facing financial shortage in addition to security challenges.

This happens when Taliban recently announced their militants would not only make obstacles for the economic and construction projects, but they would also support them as the “national benefitting projects”.

It creates a question that if the group is honest in its promises, why do they keep attacking national institutions built by the people’s money?

They deprive thousands of children from education, the ones who are to take the future of the country. We can not expect an uneducated generation to build and develop the country and make a bright future.

As the leaders of the country have frequently said, Taliban are the sons of this soil and should not fight for the benefit of the aliens.

While the people in other countries are enjoying their lives and make effort to provide more welfare for themselves and their offspring, Afghans still struggle problems born by a war of attrition.

Besides other negative effects of the war, the displacement of people is undoubtedly a human tragedy.

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