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Editorial: Transitional government is an opportunity to prevent violence

An article written by President Ashraf Ghani was published on Tuesday in the Foreign Affairs in which he has tried to draw a roadmap for the country after the US-led foreign troops leave Afghanistan by the end of this summer.

The president for the first time has showed agreement with a transitional authority to replace his administration.

Although Ghani has reiterated conditions to reach the transitional authority, but this is in general good news for the war-tired people who seek peace and want the daily reports of violence be stopped.

A transitional administration will be the best option to prevent probable violence and conflicts especially once the foreign soldiers are gone. The people are afraid of their life situation in the future as they hear worrying prediction reports every day from domestic and foreign news outlets.

Of course, the achievements gained in the past 20 years such women’s rights for education and social activities, the constitution, the republic system, the civil rights and the national army and police need to remain intact in the transitional administration which should be followed by a democratic election through which people choose the next leader.

But this is very important that the president should stay firm on what he has promised about facilities for the future of the country. If Mr. Ghani later changes his mind and acts opposite his words, then God forbid, an unprecedented and unpredictable situation will threaten the Afghans’ destiny.

As the president has said in his article, the US pullout can be considered as a good opportunity for the Afghans to choose their way of life. This can be especially referred to Taliban insurgents to whether obey the people’s will or say “YES” to the foreigners. If they join the peace process after the US drawdown that nothing will remain to fight for, the future of Afghanistan will be very bright than ever in the past forty years and the people and the country will move on the road to progress. A calm situation will dominate the region and economy will bloom without fears from terrorism.

But if Taliban disobey to what their own people want and stay at the side of enemies, they will never help their brothers and sisters to live a peaceful live. This should also be clear that the militants will not reach their goals and will face strong and powerful resistance from the brave sons of the country who serve in the national army and other armed forces.

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