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Editorial: Two other voices made silent

Amidst hectic efforts for peace and historical re-union of Afghan leadership at Moscow, media ahead with another worst kind of violence when two workers of Radio Hamsada have been shot dead in Taliqan city of Takhar province. Both the victims are stated two young and have recently joined the media as a profession. So far Takhar police didn’t mentioned any details but it is reported that the assailants after killing the journalist and radio presenters have made good in escape. It was the second violent act in current calendar year. Last month Javid Noori a journalist was abducted by militants and later on killed him. During previous 2018, at least 15 journalists throughout Afghanistan fell victims of violence. Whereas since 2001 over 120 journalists have been killed in various violence acts included target killing, blasts, suicide attacks etc. After Syria and Mexico, Afghanistan has been proved most deadly and danger for media. Killing or violence against media workers deserves condemnation from all segments as these journalists, especially in Afghanistan are making attempts not only to inform but even to realize the civilized world of its responsibilities regarding Afghanistan. Situation in Afghanistan for media is going hostile day by day. Not only militants but certain other pressure or vested interests groups are also reluctant to let media to be free. Along with striving for return of peace and tranquility the stake holders, engaged in heals and deals with each others regarding return of peace, needs to think about ways and means for ensuring safety and protection to lives and properties of media workers but also for ensuring their just right of “writing and expressions” without any fears, threats and hurdles. Beside others responsibility also rests with the International community, especially those organs and volunteers to pressurize the militants and their patrons to desist from subjecting media workers to violence and killing. Now when US, Russian Federation the true legacy of USSR agreed for burying what they started in Afghanistan 40 years back in Afghanistan must keep in mind the increasing threats to lives and properties of people associated with media organs in Afghanistan. The media employers and employees are in need of world support to improve. In particular the media workers are lacking resources to improve their skills and ensure safety and security to their lives and properties. The Afghan leadership is also bound not to make in trouble lives of these journalists in their internal rifts or in adopting immature policies regarding socio-politico and economic strategies. 

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