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Editorial: Two steps forward one step back

Indeed, the Afghan masses have become fed up with the ongoing deadly war. They are bearing the brunt of this imposed war for many years. To end this, the Afghans are hopeful that a peace deal between the Taliban and the U.S. will bring them a step closer to the end four decades of conflict. This war has resulted in the loss of countless lives; mass displacement; and the destruction of infrastructure and the education and justice systems. This war must be ended. On Wednesday only, 15 civilians, all of them guests of a wedding party, were killed and two more were injured in northeastern Kunduz province, after their car, they were travelling in, was hit by a roadside bomb planted by the militants. Seven women, eight children six of them girls, were martyred in the incident. It won’t be wrong to say this is daily fatal calamity, where the innocent Afghans are the most victims. War is ugly, no more room left for the Afghans to see fatalities of their dearest and nearest one in different acts of violence. Obviously, the Taliban are one side of the war, and the Afghans, who suffered a lot, wish the current efforts for peace will yield result, and eventually peace and stability to be restored in the war-torn country. Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said that the chances of a successful outcome from peace talks to end the Afghan war is higher than before and could happen in the near term. This is the most optimistic views so far in regards to end war in the country. President Trump in September has called off the peace talks with US and Taliban negotiating members in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. He said that Taliban don’t have desire to end war. But recently, he said US administration is currently working in an agreement with the Taliban. This has showed two steps forward one step back. For many Afghans, peace is not simply the cessation of violence. They want equal rights for all citizens codified in the constitution and they want a governance structure with institutions to protect those rights. Without doubt, peace is priority, but a dignify one. It should not be surrender, but a real peace deal to really end the war. Women, in particular, have paid a high price over the years, and their rights must be protected in any peace talks. But still forgiving and forgetting will bring peace to our country. Taliban have been behind hundreds of deadly attacks across Afghanistan, but still the Afghans ready to welcome them for the sake of their country. War brings nothing but more devastation.

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