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Editorial: Unclaimed Killings – Worrying Sign

The unclaimed attacks and targeted killings of civil society members, journalists, doctors, prosecutors and other civil servants have to be ceased for the power-sharing talks in Doha, Qatar, to be succeeded. Not to forget that battlefield clashes and the trend of targeted killings will risk undermining efforts for a peaceful settlement. The type of killings reminiscent of the killings during the chaos period several years ago that Afghanistan cascaded into a civil war, silencing the voice of high-profile figures for their narrow interests. Indeed, the killings are a worrying sign, especially in the time when the second phase of peace negotiations will resume today (Tuesday). More violence and chaos will follow with the flop of the talks, getting worse if the U.S. forces withdraw irresponsibly. A glance at timing, most officials, including the US forces, believe Taliban are behind unclaimed assassinations as a complement to their assaults on Afghan security posts in a bid to strike fear and increase desperation among the Kabul peace team at the negotiating table. This is the war of leverage in a clear prospect that sadly ends up in the life of innocent Afghan citizens. The pattern of bloodshed is making a realization that Afghan lives do not seem to be valued by much of the world. Mere condemnations, or to come up with the empty promises will not stop the tendency in assassination targets. We die on a daily basis, and it can’t be so simply justified by a tweet justly. The only tangible thing that has come as a legacy of the peace process is that now the Afghans don’t know their killers. The unclaimed attacks continue and Taliban also continue to deny its involvement. This new chapter of intimidation and violence first opened following the February 29th peace deal with the US, which can’t let the Taliban group to simply deny its involvement as soft targets increased after the agreement. Such irrational killings would definitely risk the goal of creating a political road map for the future government in Afghanistan, even could lead to its complete fall down. Another factor of current killings is likely to terrorize the Afghan people with an aim to accept whatever terms emerge from the talks. But it’s an illusion if the Taliban are still dreaming of full power takeover. The peace agreement must not lead to another civil war. Based on intelligence report Taliban have established a network of third-party criminals to carry out assassination, a move surely brings no good to both sides in the table of talks, rather complicate the prospect of talks.

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