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Editorial: Unduly distrustful

No one can deny the continuous carnage in Afghanistan. Violence has been intensified inexorably around the country. Last week was the most deadly as over 200 people, among them school pupils were killed. Uncertainty reached its peak in the wake of US and NATO troops withdrawal, scheduled to be gone completely by September. Concern is much higher over possible Taliban overrun the Afghan government in the shortest time. The government officials also losing temper making contradictory statements that has proffered more possibility of government collapse after foreign troop withdrawal. Offering full confidence that nothing will happen post-US withdrawal, the government now wishes longer foreign troops presence. The actions and priorities taken in the fight against militant groups do not match with the government’s eloquence for order and unity. Before assuring to tame insurgents or claim to safeguard Afghanistan, the unity and the national consensus among the Afghan elites are very much important. What is happening in Faryab at this sensitive moment is a great example of distress and political disunity. It really doesn’t suit the panorama of President Ashraf Ghani to stand against the common enemy strongly and unitedly. The governor’s office is taken hostage after President Ghani forces on them a governor that the locals don’t accept. In such a distressful time with a worse scenario of cave in, such budge is like chopping off our own leg. A simple question is the need to ignite calamity at such a time when the world is watching doubtfully as already we are blamed for not being a one united nation. This narrative, which is absolutely unrealistic, can be removed by action rather than lip services. We must show to the world that we are one united nation as we are, but fall short to demonstrate it. We are an old nation with one president and one flag for over thousands of years. The war has been imposed on use in the recent years that miserably overshadowed all the olden times. Hope is still high and the status quo is providing a great opportunity in our contemporary history to deal with the country’s affairs from a collective vision. There is a need to stop unilateral decisions, especially in perceptive appointments. Since we are in the episode of peace making, all sides must bear in mind that nearly 2,000 Afghans were killed just in the first three months of the year.

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