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Editorial: Unending agony

The more Afghans hate war and bloodshed the more violence tightens its grip. At a glance it seems irreconcilable paradox the nation has to deal with as a whole. To dig deep, the ugly truth surfaces—the war is hovering over like black clouds. The lightening of violence strikes the nation so frequently that it is hard to see the light of peace and stability even for brief period. There is no second opinion that the thunderstorm is generated in the neighborhood to destroy Afghanistan. The decayed and degraded patriotic feeling in some circles is adding to the problem. A few misguided people born on Afghan soil or living abroad to kill their brethren and destroy the villages that raised them.

Imposed war and growing violence are realities that could not be denied. Afghan leaders have told that they are fighting an undeclared war. They also shed light on the sources from where violence is emanating and burning Afghan towns and cities. Not only Afghans but the international community also knows where the instrument of extremism and terrorism are manufactured and later exported to secure the narrowly defined strategic objectives. The mysteries silence of the global community on atrocities committed against Afghans is worth condemning.  But failure of the Afghan leaders to tame violence through result-oriented policies is also worth lamenting. Inconclusive security policies are another dimension of the deteriorating law and order situation in this imposed war. Progress and prosperity will remain myth if we ignore to look at this dimension.

The rising tide of insecurity has forced locals to take measures for their safety. It happens when the government machinery is invisible or has limited presence which could not address public concerns and needs. In some areas people have taken the extra security mile by allowing women to fight insurgents. It is happening right under the eyes of the government in Jowzjan province. Dozens of women have formed a militia force against insurgents in Darz Aab district of the province. To protect their honor and family members, they are selling cattle to buy weapons.

On one hand the female militia force is doing a commendable job but on the other hand it gives birth to serious questions. Why need for such a force emerge when the government is getting millions of US dollars in military aid? Why the provincial government is so weak and cannot respond to security threats? It is the duty of citizens to protect their honor and villages or of the government? The people have elected representatives to address their problems. Insecurity is on top of the problems’ list. Why people go to polling stations when their representatives and a democratic government could not respond to their calls for help?

The female militia force is a slap on face of the government and its security policies. Therefore, the relevant authorities should deploy additional force to protect the volatile areas. Pride of the proud women should not be hurt. To encourage them for their patriotism and bravery, the government should formally include them in the ranks of security forces. Existing of such militias would decrease public and international community’s trust over the Afghan government further.

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