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Editorial: United Front

In reaction to the recent deadly wave of terrorist attacks across the country, especially in capital, Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani has urged the political elite in the country to rise above petty politics and unite to defend the Afghan nation and country against state-sponsored terrorism. “Those who consider themselves Muslims and Afghans must now separate themselves, in words and actions, from those barbaric puppets of religious manipulators and intelligence agencies,” President Ghani Twitted. The recent heart-wrenching incidents of terrorism, conducted by Pakistan-based terrorist groups have been widely condemned by the Afghan masses and our regional and international partners. The US President Donald Trump ruled out talks with Taliban and said “Innocent Afghan people are being killed left and right. Bombing in the middle of children, in the middle of families, bombing, killing all over Afghanistan.” President Ghani’s call for unity must be taken serious. We need to realize that national unity and solidarity is a crying need in the country and is considered a criteria and a significant element in bonding the nation. It’s time for all the Afghans—across the board to be on the same page and be supportive to the system, when it comes to offense or defense against terrorism and terror sponsor states. We all must have heard about the phrase, “United we stand and divided we fall.” We all know that unity gives us courage, power and strength. Even in local trains people create groups so that they can help each other. Being a front line state in war on terror, Afghanistan has been rendering highest number of casualties and the hostile neighbor—Pakistan and Pakistan-based terrorist groups have been actively engaged in slow motion Afghan genocide, sustaining our country destabilized and undermining interests of our strategic partners. Direct role of Pakistan’s spy agency ISI in terrorist and destructive activities in our country has been unmasked. The terrorist attacks on Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul and Maiwand Army base in Kandahar—claimed by Pakistan-based terrorist groups have been planned by Pakistan’s spy agency. Being an Afghan we could not afford to be silent spectators. Silence, based on individual interests is a national crime. Undermining the Unity Government, especially in the prevailing is just like razing the country to the ground. National interests, the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and historic rights must be preferred as compared to individual or party interests. Decisive crackdown against pro-Pakistan and pro-Taliban elements, if there is any in the government institutions must be started by exposing and replacing them all. Fourth more, the NUG leadership should call an all parties conference and take into confidence our strategic partners to constitute a united front against terrorism and terror sponsor states, especially the known enemy—Pakistan. Until, we put it on card, no one is secure and lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and around the region would be a dream.

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