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Editorial: United We Stand, Divided We Fall! Yes It’s true

There is a very famous phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. We use and hear it a lot. It is one of most used phrase, especially when there is a dire need of unity. Not only theoretical, this phrase is actually practical, and it immediately spawns patriotic feeling. Any circumstance that country face can be subdued if gets the syndicate of all. Mentioning the situation we are facing, where peace talks and the war gong side by side, this phrase that insists on keeping unity must have down pat in a bid to succeed in pursuing the national desire to end the war. This is also important to unplug Afghanistan from current turmoil. Days ago, Second Vice President Sarwar Danish made remarks about former rulers of Afghanistan and their two and a half century rule. According to him the Taliban emirate is as authoritarian and dictatorial in spirit and content as the Saduzai and Mohammadzai rules. His remarks, indeed, was a big mistake that have ignited reactions. Of course the nature of such statements is very cruel that hurts sentiments of many Afghans who love their history and their rulers. This is very much important to respect our history, culture, tribes, and historical figures, including Ahmad Shah Durrani and Amanullah Khan and others, especially in such a time when the Taliban are in Doha for peace talks. Such statement gives them upper hand in the talks. Since then clash of words going on in social media with many says Danish’s remark are a blatant attempt to spread ethnic divisions. There were no signs of dogmatic tyranny with the tribes during that period, many social media users believe, asking Danish to apologize properly. Indeed, such remarks could deeply weaken our unity—something exactly the enemies want. The only promising way forward for all the Afghans from all the tribes is to acknowledge that our wellbeing and stability requires us to work together and stand unitedly to take things to the right path for the sake of war-hit Afghans.

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