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Editorial: Unity government’s move to derail?

Though in a meeting with US special envoy, the National Unity Government assured of extending much more support for making fruitful the coming two days intra Afghan dialogue at Doha Qatar but the analysts say that Presidential Palace is trying to send more government officials to the upcoming Doha meeting in order to sabotage the peace efforts. The Qatar based Taliban have already made a shift in its decision, allowing government officials to attend the two days conference in their personal capacity and give positive suggestions to help in getting a negotiated settlement to long standing issues. But there are reports regarding Presidential Palace move of nominating around two dozen persons to go to Doha Qatar and influence the second intra-Afghan dialogue, after first held in previous February at Moscow. Taliban’s Monday decision allowing Afghan government officials to share their personal views on promoting the peace process could be considered a positive step and deserve appreciation. According to Taliban statement; 1) at the conference, participants will be expressing their views and policies and outlining their stance. The conference is not formal negotiations or meeting, 2) no one will partake in the conference as a representative of the current National Unity Government (NUG). Just like the Moscow Conference, any individual who is part of the NUG and is listed as a participant will only participate in personal capacity 3) as the event seeks to achieve peace in Afghanistan, any participant disliked by anyone is introduced from their own side and is associated with them. No one could deny the fact that compare to past, majority of Taliban leaders are willing for reconciliation and they demonstrated such a change in Moscow moot. Former President Hamid Karzai during an informal sitting said, “we didn’t feel any division, rifts and hostilities during three days presence at Moscow. We remain on one sheet for offering five times pray every day, around one table for eating and snapping tea. Even during formal session, time and again we mixed with each other. Ironic no one from Taliban or former Jihadic leaders have made objections over presence of women participants.” And in according to Moscow experience, Hamid Karzai is sure about positive and fruitful outcomes of intra Afghan dialogues, if held without foreign interference and influence. Now when Taliban made shifts in its policies, therefore, Unity government President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and his aides needs to extend maximum support to all those who are going to attend the Doha Conference are Afghans and they are well aware what being happened with the country and countrymen from last four decades. All Afghans are now unanimously wants peace. They have been made fed up by prolonged wars and hostilities in the motherland, which has made devastated each home and even each couple. It is the time to help in peace efforts and its success will be a credit for each and every one specially could be considered an achievement for those who are in power. War affected Afghans are attaching great hopes with Doha conference, therefore, all those who are going to share views and ideas on April 15th and 16th of current months must keep in mind these huge expectations of common men who despite losing lives of nearest and dearest still passing through worst kind of miseries both in and outside of the country.

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