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Editorial: Unpredictable climate

This summer was recorded as hottest in Kabul City. The capital city has been famous for heavy snowfall in winter and pleasant weather with cold breeze in summer. The month of July was known for heavy and light downpour to purify the air and break the heat. However, in last December and this January the snow has barely covered the mountain peaks, let alone meadows. The result was hottest summer this year in the city’s history. Not only Kabul City’s weather has become unpredictable but of other cities as well. On Wednesday, temperature in Jalalabad and Peshawar was 25™ while in Kabul it was 32™. Meteorologists in the country failed to brief the government and public over the sudden change in the climate.

Perhaps, they are sitting in poorly equipped weather monitoring stations. Or maybe, they take the environmental change as a myth. They have done no or little research in this regard because their research papers have not surfaced in media since fall of the Taliban regime. If they failed to do research and update the government on the rapidly changing climate, the country will suffer a lot. Research work is of utmost importance to device policies. It helps the relevant authorities to control the damages and prepare mentally. Every year natural disasters kill and injure scores of people and destroy properties and crops worth millions of Afghanis.

Environmental change is real. We shall acknowledge it as a nation to take measures so our coming generations would have to deal with lesser challenges. We should be considered about the future generations. Looking at other countries in this region will do no good. They are responsible for dealing with their problems. Neither we shall copy them nor depend on them. The nature of their problems varies from that of ours. Only learning from their failures and success can help us. Let the regional countries stew in their own juice because carbon emission is higher there.

The long and short of this new phenomena which people should understand is that if they do not take the issue seriously, they would face numerous challenges. Every individual should take steps to reduce the harms and effects of environmental change such as droughts and floods. We shall grow more trees because timber mafia is cutting the forests. Every individual should plant at least five saplings. Local communities shall not allow timber mafia to cut forests. They should think of themselves as guardians of the forests which is not only maintaining the eco-system but the climate as well.

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