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Editorial: Unrest in Pakhtunkhwa

Due to one or other reasons especially hostile attitude on the part of Pakistani authorities causing wide range unrest amongst Pakhtoons across the Durand Line. On one hand, Afghanistan and its people are ahead with worst kind of terror, violence and aggression from abroad and on the other the Pakhtoons living in Pakistan are ahead with state aggression. Couple of days back an appeal of around 13-14 year disabled boy went viral through social media, pleading before the high ups to stop personnel of security forces forcibly entering his home at village Khaisoor, Tehsil Mirali North Waziristan. The boy namely Hayat Khan informed that his father and a brother picked up from home four months ago. Since that personnel of armed forces frequently entering their home and remain for hours. Hayat’s words caused wide range anger and unrest amongst the Pakhtoons throughout the world. The PTM called protests and its leaders occupying berths in National Assembly have raised the issue in parliament. Whereas the Awami National Party leaders have moved resolutions before the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. The Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and Quami Watan Party leaders have also resented the issue, asking the government and military high ups to take its early notices. Former tribal MNA Haji Shahjee Gul had personally visited Khaisoor and had listened not only the affected boy and dwellers of the area. In presence of Haji Shajee Gul, tribesmen from the area have shown sever resentment over the incident and they made it clear of didn’t tolerating former East Pakistan like situation in the area. Ironic to mention that so far no any reaction/response shown by leaders of ruling Pakistan Tehrik Insaf on Khaisoor incident, which fuelling tension and unrest amongst tribesmen day by day. A brother of the affected boy is in Dubai has also confirmed forcible entrance of army men to the house. Khaisoor is not first or last incident of violating privacy of houses in former tribal areas. Couple of months back a similar incident occurred in Kurram Agency.  And still there reports from other parts but the victims are silent as they could easily be dubbed as militants and may be arrested/charged for alleged involvement in terror acts. However, people believe that security forces now treating the Pakhtoons like Bengalis of former East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Though the areas dominated by Pakhtoons on both sides of Durand Line area ahead with violence and intrigues since a long but after 9/11 Pakistan’s military establishment enabled of further pressuring and subjecting to state aggression on the pretext of terrorism and extremism. On such pretext, establishment succeeded in establishing military cantonments and getting occupation of maximum lands and properties. Almost of Pakhtunkhwa are now a days under direct government of military establishment and the civilians including politicians play like “silent spectators.” The Pakhtoons now are “hostages” in real sense and they are unable to voice for their just rights in according to Pakistan national constitution and UN charter regarding basic human and political rights. It is the time for Pakistan’s military establishment to re-visit its hostile-based attitude towards the Pakhtoons otherwise now voices for genuine rights are impossible to be blocked or to be pressed. 

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