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Editorial: Unspeakable harm to civilians

The Afghan people have remained highly confident for a better tomorrow. The more they suffered in terms of human losses and property damages, the more they showed commitment for their country with an expectation that the good days will come. But they can’t be granted forever. In the wake of the ongoing deadly war, the civilians are again left to the mercy of the Taliban as the proxy war continues to get more innocent lives due to the complexity and deadliness of the conflict. In the past four decades of confrontations, it was the Afghan civilians who went through tough times and unbearable losses. Once again, the Afghans are worried of another civil war as the process of foreign troop withdrawal already completed 95 percent with fear of disintegration. Unfortunately, the Afghan men and women, elder and young and the children will suffer unspeakable harm if the Afghan government fails to chalk out a comprehensive security plan to rebuff the militants and most importantly to find inner circles helping the Taliban outfit. In areas under control of the Taliban, the civilians are going through toughest times and are prone to the slaughter of this brutal group. In northern parts, Taliban are asking for the list of young girls and widow women to marry them forcefully.

Top government officials, and political leaders must understand that good words are not enough at all. The action matters. We don’t need to receive good words from the leaders, the action is important. Why are we losing such swaths of the territory? Where is the gap and who is the traitor. This conspiracy theory is deadly and only good words can’t neutralize it. Officials are giving warnings and so loudly speaking of defeating the Taliban militants, but ground reality is a little different as we are losing more strategic points.

The concerns on spill-over of civil conflict are really disturbing and the neighbors are also worried and took military and civic measures to put off any sorts of threat likely to pose them from Afghanistan. Even they banned issuing visas and the borders are also closed. It’s worrisome to see being left alone. Again it is the civilians who will pay the price of their leaders’ failed policy, including the US and the international community who are about to leave these communities powerless as they announced irresponsible withdrawal after 20 years of presence. One thing is for sure that war will not stop unless to address its main route. 

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