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Editorial: Up-and-coming in different way

Unfortunately, decades of war have created unique challenges for Afghanistan, which means innovative solutions are required in order for stability to take hold. We have gone thought many ups and downs and suffered a lot both in forms of human and property. Several Afghan masses killed and wounded in the ongoing conflict, where no end see in sight. Like that, our infrastructure is still fragile. Today our Afghan security forces are in the frontline of global war on terror, rendering huge sacrifices to maintain peace and security not only in Afghanistan, but also to stop militant’s infiltration to other countries. Beside our military personnel, Afghan commoners are also lost their dearest and nearest one. We are fighting more than 20 terrorist outfits. However, despite so many miseries, today Afghanistan is emerging entirely different among regional countries, and that’s due to its geographical location. Moreover, we are rich in areas of having neighbors, and truly want brotherhood and sisterhood relations with all of them. It is worth mentioning that similar intention is not among some of our neighbors. There is hope that they should mend their ways and come to the fore honestly to help Afghan government in all areas, especially in war against terror. Anyways, change is happening, none can stop us. Strong will is here among everyone to rebuild our country by demolishing terrorists and improving economic situation. Our brave Afghan security forces are doing much to eliminate terrorists and we have a clear definition as there is no good and bad terrorist. All of them are evil forces that must be purged. Our stand in this regard is very clear. Moreover, our leaders are making indefatigable efforts to change challenges into opportunities by opening numbers of alternatives routes in order to easy trade tensions. There is no other way to develop our economy unless we have more land routes to other countries. We have railway connection with China, and Uzbekistan, now we have sea ways with India by help of Iranian government through strategic Chabahar port. We are no more a landlocked state and no more reliant to Pakistan only—a state that has been supporting and harboring various terrorist outfits to whom we fight. With the opening of Chabahar port, Afghanistan will no longer be dependent on Karachi port. The first shipment from India, of wheat, via Iran’s Chabahar port arrived in western Nimroz provinces, in which senior government officials, including the Indian ambassador to Kabul, Manpreet Vohra, attended a ceremony to inaugurate the new trade route—which according to officials, will help our country to overcome its dependence on other trade routes, obviously, including the Pakistan. Despite that, the port will create thousands of jobs and bring billions of dollars in revenue to Afghanistan, of course to Iran and India as well. We are in dire need of job as employment already reached boiling point, surely this will play positive role in reduction of joblessness. Besides that, air corridor is another milestone that could play huge role in improving our poor economy. Dray and fresh fruits worth $51 million have been exported abroad from southern Kandahar province so far this year. Moreover, two tons of pomegranates delivered to UAE by air. The Afghan traders sent two tons of pomegranates to the UAE from Kandahar Airport to Dubai International Airport and this process may expand with three cargo flights in a week, according to officials. These are great examples that Afghanistan is stepping toward durable peace and economic improvement. By improving our economy we become heavier in all sorts of problems, including insecurity. Really moving toward right path, and one day the dream of becoming business hub, will come true and see daylight.

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