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Editorial: Upshot of tactical retreatment

The Taliban have step up attacks on several provinces with overrunning ten districts and taking its control – the group is appearing stronger with time edging for the end of U.S. and International Forces’ presence, following the U.S. President Joe Biden’s announcement to exit all American service members by September 11 which is also the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks in America. The falls of the districts is confirmed in an alternative description by the government “tactical retreatment”. The present scenario looming in the country, particularly during the past three years after the U.S. former President Donald Trump pushed for a military end and peace deal with the Taliban, brings an image of the 1980s in the minds of Afghans, mainly those who lived and saw the atrocity with their own eyes then. The scenario began with similar motives. The Soviet-Union backing the Kabul government left and finally halted support to Kabul. The militants then considered as Mujahideens ramp up pressure on the central government. The government also lost its main allies in several provinces. Within months, the Mujahideens reached the gates of Kabul. And what was more terrible that these groups engaged into fighting each other that ruined the country’s infrastructures. The incapability of the Afghan security forces presently to defend the districts from the insurgent indicates the unhealthy management of the government because it has not put necessary efforts into the security system despite plundering millions of dollars from the U.S. and NATO allied countries. However, the U.S. and NATO forces have recently mainly worked as advisors and trainers with the Afghan security forces. Rising tensions also reflects an irresponsible exit of the international forces. There is not even a merely peaceful picture of the Afghanistan’s future. The U.S. top military officials also believe that there is no guarantee that the American military equipment will not fall into the Taliban. Amid all these challenges, the government is taking a widening spot from the people. The Afghans don’t want the Taliban enforced-regime but they also faded up with the current administration of President Ashraf Ghani that is engaged in corruption and fraudulences. The deception circle around the Presidential Palace is sparking more troubles with famous Afghan figures. In such a time, an immediate compromise should be made to prevent the repeat of a possible worst scenario in Afghanistan.

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