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Editorial: US author’s reservations

Myra MacDonald, an experienced journalist and author of several books including on Indo-Pak conflict, originated/sponsored from Pakistan has raised certain questions regarding current US mediated peace talks for return of peace and ending of hostilities in Afghanistan. About breakthrough claims, made by US Special Advisor Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, Myra in her tweet messages states, “this is not what Pakistan wanted either. Pak Army has always tried to steer a course between keeping the Taliban in play in Afghanistan while being wary of strong Taliban resurgence. Any sudden US troop’s withdrawal would screw that up. So if Trump does pull troops out of Afghanistan quickly, 1) will we see a frantic recalibration of tactics by Pakistan? 2) Is Pakistan capable of making a rapid course correction? 3) have Pakistan been preparing for this? (Again I have my doubts). Pak Army historically has been reasonably good at tactics but terrible at strategy. So it seems unlikely to me it has prepared for a Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan. A few years ago, the “what if we win” question was floated in Pak, but never answered. Concluding, Myra states “whatever you think about the US actions in Afghanistan, do at least stop to think how particularly awful this is for Afghans right now. People can have mixed or even hostile views of the US without wanting to turn Afghans over to the Taliban.” In the wake of Myra MacDonald is a former Reuter’s journalist who has worked in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, now US and Afghan government as well needs to remain alert of such type of apprehensions. Like Myra MacDonald, the Afghans who are still suffering for undone sin are also doubtful about sincerity of some of the “peace partners” as they are responsible for the emergency, growth and look after of militants who are now serious threat to world peace. Certain conditions pertained to allocating of peace zones, recapping of over one and half a dozen political process and recognition of controversial Durand Line aimed are not only harmful to the very interests of Afghans but even tantamount to disintegration of Afghanistan not on lingual and cultural grounds but in according to nefarious designs inherited by the former colonial rulers. For sovereignty and solidarity of our motherland, the Afghans are paying huge prices and so far they have foiled almost such attempts. It could be hard for them to tolerate such attempts on the pretext of peace formula or ensuring safe exists to US. The Afghans are attaching great hopes and respecting Dr. Khalilzad but it doesn’t mean that they would bow heads before his each and every deal with the opposition through so-called peace partners including Pakistan.

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