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Editorial: US confirms Baradar’s release

The United States confirmed release of Tehrik Taliban Afghanistan (Emirate Islami Afghanistan) co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar’s release in Pakistan. US authorities informed that Mullah Baradar was released on the request of Afghanistan and pinned hope on his active role in the reconciliation process.

Mullah Baradar was picked up by personnel of secret agencies in Pakistan when he was on a peace move in accordance with a request of the Afghan government in late 2010. At that time, another Taliban leader from Pakistan controlled tribal area. Latif Mehsud was apprehended by US personnel just near Pakistan-Afghanistan border. During 2009-2010, former President Hamid Karzai along with other leading Afghan leaders, intellectuals and tribal chieftains made hectic efforts for reconciliation. They made frequent request to Taliban leaders and commanders to join mainstream political and democratic processes.

Many Taliban leaders were willing to accept the offer but due to abroad pressure they were reluctant to be made public. Belonging to influential Popalzai clan of Durrani Muhammadzai tribe, Abdul Ghani Baradar had the courage to go ahead with the reconciliation process. Even he was in close contacts with Mullah Muhammad Umar Akhund. But unfortunately the plan was sabotaged by enemies of peace and stability when Mullah Baradar and Latif Mehsud like leaders were arrested. Now it is the time for all Afghans to resume the journey from the place where it was obstructed in 2010.

Now it is crystal clear that some foreign countries and their secret agencies are not sincere in their claims and commitments regarding return of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. All those who are engaged in resistance or hostilities in Afghanistan need to be aware of intentions and plots of foreign countries and spy agencies. Instead of attaching hope to hallow slogans and promises, Afghans must come forward and initiate efforts for pulling Afghanistan and its people out of existing crises.

During imprisonment of Mullah Baradar for undone sin, Tehrik Taliban also experienced hardships and changes. Many top leaders and commanders are now well aware about intentions of their so-called friends and supporters from abroad, especially from regional and neighbouring countries. They are desirous of peace and reconciliation but lacking trust on other sides.

The Afghan government in particular and leadership in general need to take steps for restoration of trust and confidence of all Taliban leaders and commanders, which is the sole way for resolving of long-standing conflict. Mullah Baradar like Afghans can do a lot in this respect.

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