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Editorial: US-Iran confrontation benefits none

One of Iran’s most revered and powerful commander, Qaseem Soleimani was killed in a US strike in Iraq—a smack that intensified unprecedented tensions between US and Iran that possibly it escalates the risk of a new conflict spreading across the region. Iran vowed to revenged, while US military has taken decisive defensive action to protect US personnel aboard. In the wake of tensions, Iran’s lawmakers unanimously voted for a motion to designate the US Army and the Pentagon as terrorist organizations in response to a recent move by Washington to assassinate Soleimani. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran of supporting Taliban directly in Afghanistan and trying to make difficulties for the Afghan peace process. It speaks loudly over US-Iran confrontation. Since Iran is a close neighbor to Afghanistan, the Afghan leaders, despite being a strategic partner with the US, said it will not take sides in the escalating confrontation between the two countries. However, there is fear that the clash likely to has severe impact Afghanistan in the security, political, and economic spheres. Even the US and Iran will not benefit from it. It could also unleash another wave of proxy wars in the region; especially in Afghanistan as US still has 14,000 troops in the country, where Washington never wants the live of American citizens to be in jeopardy. US currently engaged in delicate peace talks with Taliban to end the longest war in its history in Afghanistan, which is now in great hazard. Tehran is not in a position to directly confront Washington, but able to attack some bases in the region. Tehran could attempt to harm US interests in the Middle East, as well as Afghanistan. Even the Taliban feared of becoming scapegoat in the latest escalation of tensions between Iran and US. Indeed, rising regional tensions could hamper the Taliban’s peace effort with Washington. Assassination of Soleimani has created a sense of unease in the region, which is already vulnerable to militancy. Furthermore, it could fear that an all-out US-Iran war could unleash uncontrollable violence on their soil. Afghanistan is anxious to avoid any regional upheaval, in a sensitive position, like never let Afghan soil to be used against any foreign country. This assurance must be given by all countries where US has base to help in deescalation of violence between the two countries. Besides European, and Gulf Countries, regional powers such as Russia and China must have come up to the fore and help in deescalation of tensions between the two countries.

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