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Editorial: US peace talks

The US ambassador to Afghanistan, Mr. John R. Bass, has made it clear that US making all out efforts to convince the warring Afghan factions to go for internal dialogues, which could be the suitable way out for resolving of long standing conflict. In recent days, certain media sections in and outside Afghanistan reported that Taliban Office in Qatar is willing to talk with US but it is reluctant to talk with the Afghan government. Such a statement resulted for heated debate not only inside Afghanistan but also throughout the world in countries and forums desirous for an early to end violence and hostilities in Afghanistan. For the purpose of getting an early negotiated, acceptable and durable solution to over four decades Afghan conflict, US Special Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad making frequent flights to the region in recent days. Almost Afghans are attaching great hopes with these peace efforts and praying for success of Khalilzad peace mission. But unfortunately the recent reports regarding alleged reluctance on the part of Taliban leaders are generating too much rumors and apprehensions. However, US ambassador said the US is not negotiating on behalf of the Afghan government as he pointed at the efforts by the United States on Afghan peace. Such a clarification confirms the US sense of urgency to see negotiations begin between Afghans because they see the overwhelming demand for peace. Return of peace and stability is not only beneficial to Afghanistan and its people but is also in favour of all those members of international community sincerely wants peace. Frequent visits on the part of US now confirm that President Donald Trump is eager for an early resolution to long standing Afghan conflict. Afghans have already been time and again reaffirmed their stance on early return of peace and ending of hostilities on their soil. But they are facing hardships from certain other neighbouring and regional countries including Pakistan. US President Donald Trump in his recent letter to Pakistan reminded about Afghan Conflict’s negative impacts on Pakistan and suggested him to realize his responsibility at this stage. And Ambassador John R. Bass also reaffirmed, “Pakistan has not played a constructive role in Afghan peace as it should have played so far.” But it is the time for Pakistan to realize its responsibilities at this stage by accepting the fact that war brings nothing but devastation.

Editorial: US peace talks 

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