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Editorial: US without Sino-Russia

Though tall claims are being made regarding return of peace and ending to hostilities in Afghanistan, in the wake of recent talks between US Special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban leaders in Doha of Qatar. But the question arise that whether it is possible for US to materialize its such dreams or accomplish its claims regarding peace in Afghanistan without support of some regional countries especially China and Russian Federation. Both Sino-Russia along with Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arab and India are also considered major stake holders in the prolonged Afghan war. With emergence of Islamic States (IS), also called as Daaesh, Russia, Iran and Chinese are at somehow in direct links with Taliban. Besides addressing Taliban’s financial and logistic needs, there are undeniable reports pertained to imparting of military training to Taliban in Iran. In fact, three main immediate neighbors of Afghanistan including China, Russia and Iran considering IS harmful to its peace and stability and on such grounds, these countries are in links with Taliban to keep engage the IS militants inside Afghanistan geography. Whereas the case of Pakistan is different as its rulers are eyeing on monopolizing Afghanistan’s internal and external policies. And it is considering traditional rival India is the main hurdle before its dreams and ambitions. Pakistan is not only considered pioneer of Taliban resistance force in mid of previous 90’s when its own made Mujahideen have realized their mistakes but even still hosting Quetta and Peshawar shura members who are engineering almost violent acts in each nook and corner of Afghanistan. No doubt to mention that Zalmay Khalilzad’s direct or face to face talks with Taliban leaders is Qatar could be considered a major breakthrough but without these five-six major stakeholders negotiated solution to Afghan conflict is not an easy task. Americans are too smart in their external relations since a long but handling of the recently established new block on the issue of Afghanistan seem hard for its policy makers and think-tanks. Americans on the issue of Saudi Arabia led Islamic block loosing Iran on one hand and facing hardships in handling matters with Pakistan on the other. Russians are going to ensure involvement of Americans in South Asian troubles for a long time. Chinese are also eyeing on tackling of all hurdles obstructing its efforts for establishing its influence over consumer markets throughout the world. In such circumstances, the US high ups needs to remain alert and careful as it could face sever hardships in it’s over one and half a decade efforts for getting rid of volatile situation of Afghanistan.

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