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Editorial: Violence against women is challenging

Women who make up half of the human being’s population and play key roles in different sections of social life from family to educational institutions, healthcare services, politics and even military and police, deserve equal privileges and rights with men. This is a matter that everyone says and accepts verbally from the most developed to the least developed communities, but it is different in act. Women still suffer injustice, violence and deprivation from their basic rights that divine and human laws grant them. Afghanistan is one of the countries where women are not seen equally with men and their rights are usually trampled in both urban and educated societies and in rural areas where they are less aware about their rights and obligations. A recent report issued by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission reveals shocking problems women are encountering. According to the report released on Thursday, 3,477 cases of violence against women have been registered since January across the country. This includes 167 cases of killing of women. This comes as efforts by women’s rights activists inside and outside Afghanistan are made to help for end of violence against Afghan women. The Afghan women have passed scores of problems and pains in the past especially during the 40 years of war and have received the most pains comparing to women in any other place. This is the time for the government, legal institutions and women’s rights activists to help women have better and safe life and to enjoy their rights of education, job and marriage. Though we have been witnessing efforts toward changing the lives of women that are good; women and girls are going to school and university, they have outside jobs, and women are in senior posts of the government and security and defense bodies. But this is not enough and needs more works for returning women’s rights to them. Women in different areas have to blindly obey men’s orders and are not allowed to make decision for their lives and future. Thousands of girls are deprived from education, they are forced to child marriage and forced marriage and suffer lots of violence by men. These are just examples of pains women have to tolerate in Afghanistan that is challenging the social life. The democratic government of Afghanistan is called to end or at least reduce violence against women by punishing the culprits, encouraging families to let girls get education and launch awareness programs through schools, mosques and the media about women’s rights.

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