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Editorial: Violence leads nowhere

A rally turned into violent in Maimana city, provincial capital of northern Faryab province. Extremely distraught over detention of Nizamuddin Qaisari, a close ally of Fist Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum and police chief of Qaisar district, a large number of his supporters took out to the streets, demanding his immediate release. He was arrested by Special Forces on Monday night after a verbal confrontation. Definitely, protest is a legal right, but the peaceful one. The demonstrator gone out of control as they burned provincial governor’s office, and also vehicles–even breached the governor’s compound, destroying furnishings.  90 to 95 percent of governor office burned down. Why to take a violent turn when a peaceful protesting is the fundamental rights to each Afghan. The aftermath is that two protestors killed and eleven others injured in resistance by security forces to prevent them from burning security posts. Demonstrators and security forces are accusing each other of violence. But Qaisari evidently crossed a line during a meeting with visiting Afghan Army commanders and officials, in which he detained and transferred to Kabul. But since he is a top commander loyal to Junbish-e-Milli Party, and closest ally to Dostum, who is in exile, taking him down is difficult due to influence in the north. Dostum warned National Unity Government over Qaisari’s unjustifiable incarceration will have consequences that could challenge the forthcoming elections. With upcoming parliamentary election due in October, and Presidential election right next year, there has been growing tensions between powerful regional leaders, and the government. However, already the consequences with the cost appeared in Wednesday’s protest in Faryab that benefits only the enemy with human and financial losses to the Afghan people and government. The trouble underlines impotent role that Dostum plays in politics despite inner outrage that prompted his departure. Since his exile, there have been regular reports that he will return, but not so far. None can deny his power among Uzbeks who make significant minority. With due respect, every action as reaction—today if all was well why Qaisari was behind bars. Report of verbal clash with threatening security forces to death by him has surfaced. It is better to ask ministry of defense, a legal organ, before to attack government institutions. It is we, the Afghan masses that are suffering at most. Such tension is a clear distraction from the main enemies. Taliban insurgency and a growing threat from Islamic State (IS), is getting momentum. Only with putting aside internal dispute, there would be chance to fight the enemies jointly with a united iron hand. Let’s bear in mind that the more inside nervousness grow more terrorists gets strong. Nothing is above law and nothing is above national interests—this is truce scene of patriotism.

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