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Editorial: Violence should be restrained

The security forces raided what it was called the “last tent” installed by the people protesting the government’s “carelessness” regarding the worsening security, particularly the May 31st truck bomb that killed more than 100 people and injured about 500 more in the center of the diplomatic area.

A number of people whose relatives, friends or colleagues were killed or wounded during the June 2nd protest at the gate of the presidential palace, occupied the major and important parts of the capital, especially the crossroads and closed the roads for traffic by installing large tents, calling “tents of protest”.

Security forces had opened fire at the protestors that were trying to storm the presidential palace on June 2nd, during which a number of them were killed and some injured.

This is the right of every citizen of the country to raise his/her voice by staging calm and peaceful demonstrations to criticize the government, but blocking roads that harms the public order and national economy, education, health and social activities is clearly violation of law. Also, the measure of the security forces that shot the demonstrators is another violation of law and the two need to be prosecuted.

After some three weeks of the road blockade by the protestors that hurt people in different sectors, the government decided to meet people’s problems by lifting the tents. The protestors who were showing off themselves as oppressed people, opened fires at the air to threaten security forces.

Security forces reacted the firing, in which two persons were killed and nearly 30 injured.

Our country is nowadays in a very volatile situation as the foreign enemies are in ambush to motivate some people and cause a disordering to once again lead Afghanistan to the 1990s’ civil war.

Both the government and the demonstrators should realize the delicate situation and try to solve their problems and differences through negotiations. There is no doubt that the enemies have their agents inside the country among the demonstrators and security forces who provoke people to encounter security forces and provoke the latter to be violent in reaction.

Therefore, the government and the demonstrators are kindly requested to take the security and national interest in the priority of their programs and restrain any kind of violence that could lead the country towards destabilization.

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