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Editorial: Violent acts shuttered Afghanistan, Pakistan on same day

War devastated Afghans are not only desirous for return of peace and tranquility in their motherland but they wish to see people across the world to be in peace, even to neighboring Pakistan despite it has been remain uncooperative with Afghan government in the fight against war on terror during past 17-year. On such grounds they always resenting the violent acts occurring in own country but also in Pakistan. On a single day, November 23, 2018 deadly terrorist acts in three different places, one in Khost province of Afghanistan and two in Pakistan causing lives to innocent human beings of both the neighboring countries. In Khost city crossing with North Waziristan of Pakistan controlled tribal areas, a suicide bomb blast killed and wounded dozens of security forces. Whereas early Friday morning first terror incident occurred at Karachi, some alleged terrorists have attacked the Chinese Consulate General claimed dozens lives. At the same time at  Kalaya headquarter of Aurakzai Agency bomb has rocked the weekly consumer market causes lives to over 30 and injuries to more than 50 persons, according to sources. So far no one claimed responsibility for Aurakzai bomb blast whereas a separatist group of Baluch youths claimed responsibility for attacking the Chinese consulate. However, there are doubts about the claims as the three alleged suicide attackers shown in pictures are included in the missing persons. But in Khost the militants calling them Muslims have targeted the Muslim Afghan security personnel while they were offering Friday (Juma) prayers. In any way, no one could justify the terrorist and violent attacks against any person, individual or group in any part of the world. Killing of human beings are prohibited in each and every religion and considered a big sin in Holy Islam. Unfortunately, certain sections within Pakistan are reluctant to realize the real causes of terror, militancy, violence and hostilities in the region. Afghanistan since a long is asking for joint and sincere alliance for combating the trend of terrorism and extremism in the region. For the purposes its leadership and people have time and again offered sincere association to Pakistan. And Pakistan despite making frequent promises and commitments with Afghanistan, US, UN and other forums yet to demonstrate in practice its sincerity for combating the terrorism trend. Couple of days back, religious gathering arranged in connection with Millad Ul Nabi in Kabul which was rocked by a suicide bomber causing lives to over 50 innocent persons including Ulema and scholars and injuries to score of others. Afghanistan and Pakistan are not only each other’s neighbouring countries but its people are linked in historical blood, cultural and religious relations. They are ahead with identical issues of terror, militancy, economic disorder, poverty, unemployment and backwardness. Since a long the Afghans are praying for peace and tranquility in their motherland, which they are sure, is impossible without practical and sincere support of Pakistan. In the wake of frequent violent acts in the region, responsibility rests to Islamabad to realize the previous blunders and go for sincere and trust worthy joint efforts which is essential for combating the imposed, sponsored and engineered trends of terror in the region. Instead of consuming energies in war of words, people from media and other public opinion makers also bound to guide the war and terror affected people from both the countries at this crucial stage. They are no more be allowed to remain silent spectators as the trend of terror meant to ruin both the neighbouring countries, which could be a serious threat to the so-called developed industrial tigers of the world.

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