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Editorial: Voice of hope

It has been over 16 years from the collapse of the number one enemy for Afghan women’s freedom, but they (women) are still struggling to overcome ignorant attitudes and prejudice. The rule of the Taliban insurgents was the darkest period for Afghanistan in general, but for the women in particular as they were barred from going to school and workplaces. However, despite plenty of miseries, the Afghan women have broken numerous conventions in a society that traditionally sequesters women behind closed doors. But they are working hard to speak out on issues such as violence against women, the rule of law and other violation against them. Despite they are receiving rare attention, but never suffocated their voice of hope for a superior future of Afghan women at the future. In their struggle, the women have broken several taboos through participating in numerous social activities. In politics arena, the role of women is at large, and their male colleges and the Afghan masses are proud of female politicians. In media—the greatest achievement in Afghanistan since the collapse of the Taliban, we have dazzling female reporters, which is a great source of pride indeed. In sports, there have been several achievements as Afghan sportswomen gained tremendous success. The same scenario is in health sectors, as we have great doctors and numerous female health facilitators. It is worth mentioning that there are plenty of Afghan women standing shoulder to shoulder with their male colleagues in security insinuations to defend our motherland. In today’s Afghanistan, women are playing an ever greater role in the task of building the country’s security. The government is also making active effort to train female police officers. In 2016, despite several graduations, a new batch of 92 female Afghan police officers returned home after attending two-month training program in Turkey. It is like open book that sans women’s huge participations in all sectors, it is impossible to bring peace, prosperity and stability to any nation. Afghanistan is also needs to have greater role of women in every areas, including in peace process with the Taliban insurgents. To have their role in making Afghanistan, women from across the country gathered on Monday in Kabul to discuss their experiences, vision and contribution to peace in the country at the Fourth Kabul Symposium “Afghan Women; Messenger of Peace” hosted by Afghanistan’s First Lady, Rula Ghani. The main goal of this symposium was that women should be supported and get chance to be involved in building peace in the war-hit country. Such gathering gives women an excellent opportunity to share their experiences, discuss vision for the future and most importantly how to get involved in all areas. It should be mentioned that nation building is bout forging a sense of unity among the various units of a country—it include making conscious efforts in uniting societies as one indivisible unit, united in national goals, believes and common national aspirations. Moreover, for Afghanistan to enjoy lasting and stable peace, women must have equal opportunity in decision-making process. If Afghanistan wants to succeed in its fight against poverty, human trafficking, violent conflicts, corruption and other social vices that confront it, the women folks must be enlisted.

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