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Editorial: Wake up – Durand is a line

With no ifs and buts the issue of Durand Line as an official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan will be never ever acceptable as it’s an imposed line. Afghanistan has never accepted the line and will never accept it in the future. Formation of Durand Line is a result of British imperialism in the region. When Pakistan emerged as a country in 1947, they received it this way. Part of the Afghan soil divided into two parts that half of it located on the other side of the line. But that doesn’t mean it belongs to them. This is a great blow which no Afghan can ever forget. Absolutely it is our right to claim because originally it belongs to us, but we don’t want any clash at the moment. In same way, Pakistan does not have any valid reason to stack on it, or adopt illegal move like closing crossing points as they did in the past, or to start fencing at zero-points which is a total violation of our rights and sovereignty. Durand Line is bone of contention between Kabul and Islamabad, and US has been plying spoiler role as it announced financial assistance to Pakistan to fence the Line. US funding to Pakistan is in fact helping Islamabad’s wickedness design of separating Afghans on both sides of the Durand Line. Allocation of $150 million by US to fence the de facto Line has come as shocking for Afghans. Former President, Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the US for pouring money into this dividing and inconsequential order fence. The move might have multiple reasons, but the Afghans will not buy it because our stance on Line is very much clear. In Afghanistan you will find some whether who is religious scholar, communist, liberal, Hindus, Sikhs, even Taliban, or Tajik, Pashtun, Hazara, or Uzbeks and etc… from any race or religion all will be on the same page that we don’t accept Durand Line. Everyone knows that agreement between Amir Abdur Rehman and British Secretary Sir Mortimer Durand was enacted for 100 years – means the agreement was expired in 1993. Moreover, in 1947 when Pakistan was brought into being, a Loya Jirga by Afghans passed a resolution that the demarcated line is bogus and hypothetical and the Jirga members said that Pushtoon on both sides are alike. Time has ripe for some countries to wide awake from long sleep of considering Durand Line is an official border. If Pakistan never stops being intransigent and continues to engage in conflict over Durand Line, it definitely harms Pakistan more than Afghanistan.

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