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Editorial: War causes devastation

The First World War was a calamity for Germany and Europe. The Second World War was an even bigger calamity for Germany and Europe. But without both wars, there would be no European Union (EU) today—in which several powerful countries living under this union. This is clear indication that war is not going to be last forever—at the last day, peace would find its way to emerge like a shining star with demolishing all divergence. It is time-consuming, but eventually peace would come. Now it has been 40 years that Afghanistan has been burning in fire of war where no end sees in sight. It doesn’t mean that Afghans don’t want to end the war which is taking high tool on them. Only last week, over 67 innocent Kabul residents, including women and children were martyred in deadly suicide bombing. The suicide bomber targeted people who lined up in front of registration center to obtain voting cards. What was their crime? They were queue to gain access to the most democratic process of voting. In the past 40 years abundance of dearest and nearest one of troubled Afghan masses were either martyred or wounded without any crime. This is totally unbearable—peace is number one demand of the Afghan masses, and wants this at the very most. Indefatigable efforts are on the table of government officials on reaching peace, the legal right of Afghan masses that has been deprived off since long. However, there are some eyebrows in performance of US administration, blaming it for being inattentive in war against terrorism. It also accused of supporting militants through other channels instead of eliminating them. The US entered Afghanistan 17 years ago to destroy terrorism, eliminating drugs, and establishing a democratic administration. However, none of them have been completely fulfilled and even had downfall statues. But, if someone looks deeper, the scenario could be contradictory.  It is a big question that where the Afghan official stands in this breakdown—what is our responsibility being as a son and daughter of our motherland. We can’t turn blind eye over endemic corruption and weakness of our government that makes main factor behind current downer. Not ignoring internal and external factors that have come together to keep the war in Afghanistan. Nevertheless we can resolve internal reason because it’s our private issue, and the leaders of the National Unity Government would unearth people’s support in this process of making our country free from internal elements of devastation, knowing the fact that was brings nothing but destruction.

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