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Editorial: War in Afghanistan

There are some efforts to term the war in Afghanistan as an ethnic war- with describing the Taliban’s identity to a specific tribe. The foreign policy published an article, in which, the writer believes the Afghan war will lead to an ethnic conflict. The Afghans have gone through severe conflicts and relentless violence for more than four decades now. A drastic war has erupted after the Soviet Union entered Afghanistan that was also followed by the civil war. This long-decade war has not spared any tribe, ethnic and aspect of the Afghan mass. Unfortunately, those, who lack knowledge of the region and this country, termed the current war of the Taliban and government as ethnic war. While the U.S. and NATO forces are departing- with some of them have already departed- any such effort that arise further tensions- and affect the unity of the people of Afghanistan- should be condemned. The main reason behind the war in Afghanistan is the interferences of those countries and spy agencies who seek their interest in Afghan conflicts. Unfortunately, this war inflicted heavy casualties on several aspects of the society. The diversity of culture and various ethnic have always given Afghanistan an astonishing beauty. But those, who don’t want goodness for the Afghans, always paid attempt to trigger a disunity and chaos via taking advantage of these diversities. Fortunately, our people have stood united whenever, the country plunged into crisis. Although back in 1990s, when the government of Dr. Najibullah collapsed, the Mujahideen consist of many groups- with each of them had thousands of followers in several parts of the country- engaged into civil war, the Afghans still secure their unity. It wasn’t an ethnic war but a conflict among feuding leaders- who wanted to remain in power. The scenario that happens now may reflect or bring a similar idea but the people are now aware of its badly consequences and they are no longer gullible. Those who terms Afghan war as ethnic war- mainly lack understanding of the situation about Afghanistan, its history and region. It is black and white that the war in Afghanistan is a proxy of war of some foreign countries and their intelligence agencies.  The Afghans welcome any research and findings that secure the country’s interests and in such a critical moment, bring them together to focus on how to overcome the ongoing crisis.

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