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Editorial: War of words

Once again the recent violent acts, especially assassination of Gen. Abdul Razzeq Achakzai made anger the war affected Afghans. President Ashraf Ghani said Gen. Razzeq murder was planed in other side of the Durand Line. However, the issue is being exploited through social media and Afghans from all over the world are not only endorsing President Ashraf Ghani’s remark but also directly accusing some of Pakistan’s state and non state actors for the assassination of Gen. Razzeq and ex-parliament member Abdul Jabbar Qaharman. In fact, due to recent past incidents Afghans are not only suspecting but even believes that almost of violent and terror acts are linked or sponsored from Pakistan. Soon after 9/11 when the world embarked on war on terror, Pakistan was declared as its front line. Even almost of Pakistan’s civil-military and political leaders also made similar claims. Most recently Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in his address to the UN General Assembly repeated that without Pakistan no one could ensure a durable peace in Afghanistan. Though through these words, Qureshi has made attempt of highlighting importance’s of Pakistan but at the same time, it once against indreclty said they are backing mitilant outfits. Thus the government is in firm belief that without Pakistan it is impossible to get rid of violence, terror and extremism. Since 9/11, the Afghan leaders are not only maintaining unity amongst their ranks on the issue of terror, extremism and relations with Pakistan but almost of them unanimously desirous for its end. For the purpose, they time and again asked Pakistan to help and cooperate with Afghanistan sincerely. Even majority of people in Pakistan are suggesting re-visiting Afghan policies. But no one listen to them. Now patience on the part of Afghans is becoming answerless and rest of the world community also supporting views of Afghans in this respect. On such grounds, it is the time for realization and Islamabad needs to read on the walls instead of exonerating their responsibilities with rejecting of allegations, issuing of stereo type condemnations on happenings in Afghanistan or clarification/reaffirmation of Pakistan stance on Afghan peace. Now the world in general and Afghans in particular couldn’t make satisfied with words of condemnation and sympathies. They wants early acts and steps which would not only lead to return of peace but also to make sure exposure of those hidden hands, involved in genocide of Afghans and destruction of their motherland.

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