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Editorial: We are not enemies; do we?

Talaat Hussain is considered one of highly credible, vocal and dedicated name in Pakistan media. He in his recent TV show informed that high ups from civil and military establishment in Pakistan are putting both the neighbouring countries India and Afghanistan as enemies of Pakistan. And the high ups believe that at same time, it could be hard to confront both the enemy countries, therefore, they made a strategy-the strategy to isolate Afghanistan and dilute India. For the purpose, now Islamabad and Rawalpindi are on one page and making hectic efforts to earn hearts of Indian people. So far they made a successive attempt of earning hearts of the Sikh community by announcing opening of the Kartarpur corridor. But the India leaders and common people are well aware of the motives-the motives for which allegedly the Sikh Khalsa Movement was patronized in previous 80’s. Still Pakistan made too much requests to Indian government for attending the Kartarpur corridor ceremony but the Indian government has not only declined but even announced boycotting the forthcoming meeting of SAARC to be held in Islamabad. Whatever might be intentions and strategies of Islamabad towards Afghanistan but one make it clear that its outcomes would not be different of experiments being made since evacuation of former British colonial rulers in 1947. Instead of declaring the Afghans as its enemies, Pakistani authorities must read on the wall. Millions of people from both the neighbouring countries are linked in unbreakable relations and no one could detach them from each others. In early 70’s the Bengalis whom leaders and forefathers have made tremendous contribution in the independence from British rulers were compelled to get liberation when Pakistan civil-military establishment’s injustices reached to its peak against them. Compare to 70’s now the situation is different. Sense of deprivation amongst Pakhtoons, Sindhis, Baluchs, Saraiki and even Punjabis who are loyal to deposed Prime Minister Nawaaz Sharif are increasing day by day. On the issue of religious extremism and terrorism global community didn’t trust Islamabad. Instead of following its nefarious designs towards Afghanistan, Pakistan must re-visit its policies and think about making friends rather than enhancing strength of its foes in the region. In according claims and commitments, Pakistan must extend sincere support to US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad who is engaged in shuttle talks for return of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan which might be in interests of Pakistan also.

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