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Editorial: We can save home by unity

Enemies of Afghan people have been making efforts to weaken the nation to reach their specific goals each for about four decades. They have been trying to use the people of Afghanistan against Afghanistan that they had been relatively successful. Unfortunately, a number of Afghans have been ignorantly serving the aliens standing against their home, killing their brothers, sisters and damaging their motherland.

The four-year civil war (1992-1996) could be an explicit example, in which the public properties were set in ashes, thousands of innocents were killed and thousands others were forced to leave the cities and villages.

Taliban militants have been waging a long war since their ouster in 2001. They continue to kill helpless people and destroy the country now for 15 years.

Our sworn enemies in the region know very well how to keep the fire of Afghan war ablaze. They prolong the war just by dividing people by different reasons. Most of the Taliban are told that they are fighting to save Islam in Afghanistan as the others were before. It is vivid that more than 99 percent of Afghans are Muslims and love their religious beliefs more than their lives.

Surprisingly the propaganda is fabricated by those of our neighboring enemies who do not trust Islam heartily. All the vice and moral illness is permitted in their country, although they pretend to be an Islamic country.

We have also been divided under the titles of ethnicity and language and have tried to kill each other by the names of Pashtun, Hazara, Tajik, Uzbek, etc.

The war, bloodshed and destruction will long continue unless we wake up and pay attention that what are we fighting for?

People in other countries, with different ideologies, get united when their national interests require. They put their differences aside to save their national unity. The national interest is actually part of the beliefs of them, and they sacrifice their lives to save it.

Why shouldn’t we be like other nations? Why should we destroy our hospitals and schools? Why should we prevent our people of education and health facilities? And, why shouldn’t we be a strong, single nation?

If we are united and maintain our national integrity, nobody can interfere in our affairs. If we are united, we will not go abroad for treatment and give our money to foreigners.

So, let’s be united and rescue our home. Let’s not hear the news of killing and destruction. Let’s help our brothers and sisters breathe in peace.

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