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Editorial: We deserve peace

No one can neglect the fact that the Afghan masses are experiencing imposed wars, hostilities and terror on their soil from last four decades. Afghans themselves now wants peace and tranquility as they are no more in position to afford wars and violence. But unfortunately they are helpless as top global strategists are interested in continuation of turmoil on the soil of Afghans. These strategists included spy agencies, its policy makers, traders, smugglers and capitalists are fuelling tension in Afghanistan for meeting its nefarious strategic economic interests in the region. As a result of turmoil not only Afghanistan but also the whole region in particular and rest of the world in general is now ahead with extremism and terrorism. Millions of people have been killed and injured. Trillion dollars infrastructures devastated. Since a long the Afghans are asking peace for their children and better future as well. But no one listening them. Like of recent past, the US again assigned the task Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad to help the Afghans in return of peace and internal reconciliation. For the purpose, he is engaged in hectic efforts by keeping engage all stake holders in talks and dialogues. In his recent statement, Zalmay Khalilzad expressed that the “Afghan people deserve peace”. “We are in hurry to end the Afghan tragedy.” Khalilzad commented that it would be good if there is some kind of agreement with the Taliban ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in 2019, “Ideally, of course it would be good to have an agreement with the Taliban first and then have the presidential election because then the Taliban also participate in a possible election or whatever roadmap that the Afghans agreed to.” Similarly for Pakistan, Khalilzad remarked that it is Afghanistan for neighbors of the region to stay in cordial relations. While responding to a question thrown at him regarding a deadline for peace, Khalilzad remarked, “Everyone, starting with the President, would like to see the war in Afghanistan end, there be reconciliation and peace among the war functions. We believe that the war factions, including the Taliban, they are saying that they cannot win the war and the Afghan government says that they want a political settlement. We say that we want a political settlement. We lead the international forces that are in Afghanistan so given that, it would be a moment of opportunity.” Khalilzad is not the first high level US officials who are making claims regarding return of peace and reconciliation in Afghans. Afghans are praying for his success. But unless getting sincere support from neighbouring and regional countries, return of peace or reconciliation in Afghanistan is not an easy task. Similarly certain internal elements are always considering turmoil in Afghanistan, beneficial for their own interests. The US from last several years is ignoring the genuine request of Afghans, which is an early meeting of the Loyal Jirga. Since signing of Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) by President Ashraf Ghani too many changes occurred and Afghans gradually losing their sovereign and autonomous status. No one can is mistrusting Khalilzad but he needs to realize the ground reality-and the reality is that Afghanistan and its people should be given a chance to debate issues and go for its resolution through consensus in a Loya Jirga meeting.

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