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Editorial; we trashed Pakistan

There is just a need to see Afghanistan from another picture that could be through lens of sports, education, social development, and so many other improvements that has been made in the past years. Must say that today Afghanistan is not the old one. However, still sometimes it requires a push to see bona fide and talent to someone which is behind imagination. Afghanistan is among so many other countries in the surface of this planet that its leaders and the brave nation have been making efforts to rebuild their motherland. There is no denying to the fact that we are in the war, but this has never become an obstacle ahead of our progress in all fields in general, but to sports in particular. Cricket and Football is the popular sports in our country beside so many others that has grown up very fast, causing more unity among Afghans to be further strengthened. There is worth mentioning that there is abundances of talented faces that has been blemished by the war. Moreover, the happiest moment for us was when our country’s national U19 Cricket Team made history on Sunday when they trashed their Pakistani rivals to scoop the Asia Youth Cup trophy. A very glad tiding for the Afghan masses and it really brought smile to the face of almost every Afghans. After so many heart-wrenching incidents, this news is just like (eid) , it is the happiest day for the Afghan and Muslim people around the globe, celebrating it for three days. So it was like Eid for us. Our Cricket Team won by a huge margin of 185 runs, with Ikram Ali Khelof making a century, and he was called man of the match—really deserving. This comes after our country’s national team defeated UAE, Pakistan and in the Semi-finals Nepal during the group competition. Minutes after their win, President Ashraf Ghani, CEO Abdullah Abdullah, and all Afghans from high-ranking government officials to the commoners congratulated the victory with so many success wishes. So this is new picture to be seen from different outlook. Not only in cricket or football, but in all sports we are very much good and our sportsmen and women have brought several medals, including gold to our country. We, as Afghan masses highly appreciate and encourage them for a method they adopted to show new face of Afghanistan to the world. Sport is the best platform to show new face of our country and our sportsmen/women are doing this very professionally—really gratefully to them. It’s worth mentioning that we can put a halt to the ongoing war in Afghanistan through sports, and one day we will bring peace and stability via lens of sports. Once again it feels proud to congratulate our cricket heroes who clinched historic win against Pakistan and lifts the trophy for the first time in the history.

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