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Editorial: Welcome 2020

Time has come we should bid bye to the 2019 and welcome the New Year 2020. Probably 2019 may not be good for some country, but for Afghanistan it was full of complication and optimism. But for others, it may have proved to be a lucky year. Whatever is the situation, we all should try to spend this moment in a better way so that it turns out to be a memorable moment for all the countries. Moving into the New Year, we look to the future with so much excitement, enthusiastically pushing towards our goals to be achieved. For Afghans, 2020 is key year as two important scenarios are looming. One, peace talks with the Taliban group; Second, presidential election. It has been for more than 90 days after the pivotal election, but still unsure how many votes were casted—not to mention who the victor is. Afghan election authorities received 16,500 complaints about the handling of 28th September Afghan election. Elections have never been clean yet in Afghanistan’s young democracy. Nearly 1 million of the initial 2.7 million votes were purged because of irregularities, meaning the election saw by far the lowest turnout of any Afghan poll. Ultimately, only 1.8 million votes were counted — a tiny number given estimated population of 37 million and a total of 9.6 million registered voters. Still there is doubt as many experts put the clean votes to 1.2 million. The latest election looks likely to deliver an unfortunate repeat performance—and all hopes have pinned on the ongoing peace efforts. Indeed, the peace process have their ups and down – and to see it frankly, talks had advanced to the point where recently US President Donald Trump said his administration is working on a agreement with the Taliban. These talks created the most plausible opening for peace in the country. The Afghans are tired of war, and desperately waiting for peace to be restored in their motherland. Dialogue is the only solution to ongoing conflict which has result in more than 100,000 casualties over the past decade, and only inclusive Afghan-led process could lead to a sustainable peace. Hopes and aspirations of millions of Afghan masses, young and old, women and men, girls and boys, are rest on the shoulder of Afghan leaders to strive hard to end the war and bring a political settlement to the conflict. The organized Afghans welcoming 2020 with hope that all stakeholder put efforts and seek ways for a lasting political settlement and a permanent ceasefire. Once peace prevails, development in all areas will float up by its side.

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