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Editorial: What awaits Afghanistan

Since the US announced its complete September withdrawal plan, a big question has remained: what awaits Afghanistan and the region because the security situation has worsened. To understand the gravity of the crisis, we need to have a deep discussion about why the 20 years military approach has failed and Afghanistan is once again in big trouble as war continues to take more innocent lives and destroy infrastructures. Even American’s top general Miller is deeply worried as the US lost the war, and who knows better than him because he was on the scene for many years. He just stated that a civil war is certainly a path that can be visualized if this continues on the trajectory its’ on right now. This is the most bothersome statement ever. Why should there be a civil war? Such a statement is not expected, especially from a veteran American general who knows the truth but is still making the irresponsible exit. It was appropriate to admit its failure instead of expressing fear to further terrify the Afghans on the pretext of civil war – and if it happens, another tens of thousands of innocent lives would be perished and hundreds more receive injuries and Afghanistan would be once again turn into the rubble – no other country but the US would be accountable for it. If we look deeper, the US and its allies came to Afghanistan to fight the terrorist groups and bring stability to Afghanistan. Today the situation is quite different because conflict did not end nor stability came, rather a new terrorist group emerged right under the very nose of US presence. It’s a historic fact that Islamic State (IS), also known as the Daesh extremist group, was not in Iraq before the US invasion, and it is a new phenomena here in Afghanistan as well. And now, the US is escaping trying to shift the burden to the Afghans, and also covering their failure by making numerous irresponsible statements or even saying it’s the domestic issues of the Afghans. It is true from one side, but if we look from another angle, the US entered Afghanistan through mandated by the United Nations, even the regional countries like Russia, China, India and even Iran did not object to the US presence to bring stability in Afghanistan. The US has definitely made mistakes or likely failed to implement its policies effectively, whatever the case may be, but now they are at the verge of leaving and the responsibility utterly goes to the Afghan leaders to stand by each side and jointly and unitedly overcome the current crisis. Of course, united we stand divided we fall. Indeed, it is a defining moment for Afghanistan and its nation, that only the Afghan leaders can come to the fore with a clear understanding of the situation, which is extremely uncertain, to triumph over it. Once we succeeded to survive even there would be no need for the US to explain to the Afghans why they have failed.

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