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Editorial: What it means

Like of past, Pakistan once again insisted on what its high ups claims, “resolution to conflict in Afghanistan rests in a formula acceptable to Afghans.” The demand repeated in a ministerial conference concluded at Islamabad on Tuesday whereas Afghan government was represented by a delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Idrees Zaman. Host was represented by Secretary Foreign Affairs. According to media reports, the two sides held a thread bare discussion on matters of bilateral interests and promises exchanged for what they call strengthening of trade and diplomatic relations in near future. Prior to minister conference, hundreds of civilians awaiting for visa’s in queue’s before Pakistan Embassy in Kabul have lost the temper and they made an attempt of storming the Embassy. Though the situation was brought under control by police but the civilians have shown their resentment over huge amount being demanded for issuance of Visa’s. From last several years, issuance of Visa’s for Afghan nationals in Pakistan’s diplomatic missions in Kabul and Jalalabad is more attractive and lucrative business. And such a business had made each and every Afghan very disappointing. This trend, even evil has badly affected image of Pakistan amongst the Afghans who are visiting Pakistan for socio-economic activities like health and education. But no one in Islamabad or Peshawar are bother about it. Now when the minister conference Islamabad has discussed a lot, therefore, responsibility rests with high ups from both the neighboring countries to go for implementation of these proposals. Unless changing the attitudes on grounds, restoration of cordial relations between the two neighboring countries is impossible. Now almost of Pakistan’s political legends have realized that due to negative attitude of Rawalpindi-Islamabad, not only Afghanistan destroyed and its millions of people were killed but it also posed bad impacts on politico-administrative and economic circles of Pakistan. Instead of eyeing on installations of its puppet regime in Kabul, Rawalpindi-Islamabad needs to think about a friend government in Kabul. And installation of the friendly government in Kabul is possible with maximum sincere efforts in ending of every sort of violent and terror acts throughout Afghanistan. And the task is not so hard, it is too easy and possible within hours if rulers in the twin-cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad change their minds. All those involved in violent and terror acts are no more secret before people of the two neighboring countries in particular and rest of the country in general. With blocking these elements, Pakistan could deliver a lot in efforts aimed at return of peace and stability in war ravaged Afghanistan. And that may be in benefits of both the neighboring countries and its people.

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