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Editorial: What we can learn from India

India has set an unwelcomed world record for the number of new COVID-19 cases in which as per to Sunday a further 349,691 cases were emerged while 2,767 people lost their lives. Its capital city, New Delhi has been reported as the worst hit area. Based on reports, the city whose hospitals are overwhelmed and whose citizens are in desperation. Moreover, oxygen saturation level also dropped significantly making the case worse. India is in the throes of the world’s worst corona virus surge with many of the country’s hospitals are scrambling to cope with shortages of beds, medicines and oxygen. This is the bad moment for the Indians. Their lives have turned worse and they are dying on a daily basis. But the main question is why there is uptick in new cases. The sample answer is they have taken the virus simply after the country announced a vaccine against the virus. They thought everything will be all right with the vaccine but ignore the fact that it will take years to vaccine all the people of India, and also the effect of the vaccine is not permanent. They went out without using masks, attending many functions and religious events. If they have followed the WHO guidelines, they would be much safer today. At this moment, it’s imperative for all other countries, especially Afghanistan, to learn a lesson from India and still there is room to control the spread of wild virus collectively. The Afghans have to fight the scourge of Covid-19 cases with focusing on health care, educating others about the virus, and developing awareness. On Sunday we reported 10 deaths and 172 new infections, while on Saturday again we had 10 deaths and 113 cases. Before that we reported seven deaths and 176 new cases. The Afghans must follow health guidelines such as physical distancing, indoor mask use, and strict hand hygiene in order to prevent what the Indian people are going through at the moment which is deadly. Afghanistan is not compatible with the development of Indian health sectors at all, but still the country is falling short to control the virus or cure the patient. It is a good lesson for us, the Afghans who should take the virus seriously before we feel sorry. We are in the holy month of Ramadan and we must preserve social distancing while going out shopping, and also we must bear in mind the importance of social distancing and using masks during Eid day’s celebration if we don’t want to lose our lives to the virus.

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