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Editorial: Where are we heading as a nation?

In the past four decades of war and conflict, the Afghan masses went through many ups and downs, but were never divided. Despite Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, the Afghan people providentially preserved their unity all time even in the worst situation. There have been several wars, but they never alienated, rather further strengthened realizing the fact that “united we stand, divided we fall”. However, on the spur of the moment, we are in a big test. The political landscape of the country doesn’t seem appropriate as Afghan political rivals will hold parallel inaugurations – with President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah inviting one another to their oath-taking ceremony to be held today (Monday). We are supposed to have two presidents in one country—where are we heading as a nation, and who is responsible for this ill-fated mess? Independent Election Commission had finally almost five months after 28th September last year election, had declared President Ghani as a winner—immediately, Chief Executive Abdullah strongly rejected the result, vowing establishment of inclusive government. War of words since then has started. Given the complexities on the ground and the fact that both sides do not wish to give up or reach ways out of current dilemma, this will be salted as best form to see everyone’s resolve for a stable and united Afghanistan. Instability will further grip the already war-hit country if both (Ghani and Abdullah) are sworn-in. Presidential Palace (Ghani’s office), and Sapidar Palace (Abdullah’s office) are separated by a wall and connected by a narrow road — and preparing for separate swearing-in ceremonies. This could be the most exasperating situation ever the Afghan masse to come across in their entire live. A political impasse and threat of parallel governments not only jeopardize a nascent peace process as the U.S. tries to push the Afghan government toward talks with the Taliban, but furthermore it will also destroy the hard-gains achieved in the past 19 years—even it could destroy the country completely and once again trigger it into another civil war or could be worsen that. The ground reality is that the election result should be nullified with the current system National Unity Government should continue in a bid to prevent the country from another era of chaos and anarchy. Both, Ghani and Abdullah must halt oath-taking ceremonies in an immediate move for the sack of the country.

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