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Editorial: Why Is Unity Important

The main reason for domestic conflict drives from controversies among the citizens of a country either due to ideological dispute or ethnical division. Afghanistan is also one of those countries in the world where the existence of various big and minor tribes besides giving a rich culture, and beauty, has rarely posed controversies and complexity in history. But fortunately, our people now more than ever understand the joy, benefit and advantage of a monolithic-state. This week a number of gunmen brutally killed seven of our Hazara people who left their families in central Ghazni and Bamyan provinces to make an end meet for themselves and their families. Embarrassingly, a great number of Afghans struggle with a high rate of poverty. War and insecurity has pushed Afghanistan to a critical situation that we have failed to alleviate poverty and impoverishment. The act of killing our Hazara nation while the rest of the workers didn’t receive any harm is an oblivious sign that the enemies of our country pay all-out efforts to boost the flame of the server war in Afghanistan. At such a critical moment, in which we are involved in the historic peace process to end the longest violence in the country, we need to stay united and work for a shared interest which is in the benefits of our country. Such incidents during the last two decades have been unprecedented, but as we are going towards ending the war, our enemies seek to ignite a new flame of ethnic conflict in Afghanistan. We have recently witnessed a number of massive attacks on our Hazara nations conducted by the ISIS-K Daesh. The Afghan masses have suffered a lot but still strongly stand besides other ethnics, paying effort for the developed society in Afghanistan. Although, back in the 1990s, a severe civil war had erupted and almost Afghanistan was divided into several parts but we fought together and rebuilt our unity. And what is now on the ground is that our people understand better not to be gullible and not to fall into the enemies’ plots. Our present generation is rational and has the flexibility to embrace each other regardless of ethnic, language, and regional differences; this is something that our enemies should be aware of. We are a one united-nation despite all the differences. It is our country, we all live equally with equal rights.

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