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Editorial: Why more bloodshed and destruction?

The government officials reacted to the Taliban’s announcement regarding the so-called spring offensive that the group said began on Tuesday, April, 12th.

Vice President Sarwar Danish has said that all the country’s tribes and political groups are standing by the government’s side to defend the Afghan territory.

Danish has anticipated that Taliban militants and their supporters would sustain a heard defeat in the Afghan year 1395 (2016-2017). The vice president has also emphasized on the long program of the peace talks announced by the government in 2010, but called the “defense” a legitimate right of the Afghan people. “Taliban have announced their spring operation, but what is their goal for fighting and why do they kill the innocent people?” Danish has offered the question on behalf of the people.

Also, the army chief of staff Qadam Shah Shaheem has mocked Taliban’s statement, assuring the people that the army and other security and defense troops are ready to drive the insurgents’ offensives back as they did in the past 14 years.

It seems that the government of Afghanistan, especially the defense and security forces are in good defense position to fail Taliban’s attacks. Danish’s question could be responded that Taliban are ignorantly waging a war which the only losers are themselves as part of the Afghan nationals and winners would be the aliens whose hands are coming out from behind the curtains to destabilize the situation.

Despite huge propagandas recently launched by a number of Afghan and foreign media and those individuals who speak with the titles of analysts that the government is in a weak position and Taliban would take parts of the country this year, the reality is something different.

Such propaganda is not new and it ignited some six years back when the then president Hamid Karzai announced the withdrawal of the international combat troops and intensified by the end of the NATO-led combat mission at the end of 2014.

People in Afghanistan who had a dark image of the post-2014 situation, are now witnessing that the security forces are enough capable to foil the insider and outsider threats and the armed opposition groups’ threats cannot demoralize them.

Taliban should realize that they are fighting for the interest of the aliens and against their brothers, sisters and their homeland which should be respected as mother.

The militants should also realize the fact that they cannot win the war against the security forces, but will further damage their already ruin home.

The people should also know that the foreign propaganda is designed only in their [foreigners’] interest and the future will not be as dark as they claim.

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