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Amrullah Saleh (ehem. Leiter des National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan)

Editorial: Why they are being targeted?

The Amnesty International, a body claiming serving and safeguarding human rights throughout the world has raised questions about induction of newly appointed Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid by President Ashraf Ghani in his cabinet. Along with induction of Khalid, former NDS Chief Amarullah Saleh was also inducted as Minister for Interior Affairs. Both of them have served Afghanistan in important capacities in past and made contribution in maintaining law and order situation, establishing writ of the government and helping in establishing of a centralized authority in Afghanistan after prolonged wars and hostilities. Though one having the right to oppose personal and political views of such type of officers but no one could neglect their contribution in developments and achievements made since commencing of political process after 9/11 tragedy. All such Afghan dignitaries, politicians, technocrats, Ulema, religious figures and tribal chieftains have established and confirmed their true belief in Afghan nationalism. They have worked and still working for return of peace and tranquility which is unanimous demand of Afghans. In Afghanistan, several others included war made generals and self styled leaders have not only misused their powers and status for meeting their nefarious personal and communal interests. Even some of them have indulged themselves in worst kind of violation of human rights. They made unprecedented aggression and oppression not only against their political rivals but even common civilians. Even some of them have accredited them as “notorious” for making states within states. But the so-called international organs claiming to be serving the human rights are always remain silent against such people. But whoever is known for his patriotism, honest and dedicated to the very interests of Afghanistan and its people upon getting occupation of important offices are facing criticism and opposition from Amnesty International and other human rights bodies. In fact, such type of criticism and opposition always made at behest of some stakeholders who are against of return of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan. Both Asadullah Khalid and Amarullah Saleh are known for opposition to interference in internal affairs from regional and neighbouring countries. Like of Abdul Jabbar Qaharman and Gen. Abdul Razziq they determined to serve and safeguard internal and external interests of Afghanistan, therefore, criticism and allegations made against them. Now when the talks and contacts amongst various stakeholders for an early and amicable negotiated solution to long standing conflict intensified, therefore, criticism against Khalid is nothing else but jeopardizing the peace process which is detrimental to the very interests of Afghanistan and its friendly countries.

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