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Editorial: Will Pakistan end nurturing terrorism?

With current visit of Pakistani Foreign Ministry to Afghanistan, and his discussion with Afghan leaders at somehow displaced something unexpected to take place in Pakistan. Nothing could be better than shunning project of sponsoring terrorism and sheltering them in their soil. All the Taliban leaders were killed there. There had been discussion on important issues such as trade, people-to-people contacts, intelligence cooperation, ending long-running blame games between Kabul and Islamabad, practical steps for Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan or Peace and Stability (APAPPS), holding of Afghanistan-Pakistan’s Ulema meeting, second round of the trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. Such important topics had been discussed between Afghan and Pakistani officials. But looking at the nature of Pakistan is it rational to be optimistic about commitment of Pakistan and its assurance to honestly stand with Afghan government in every area, especially in the fight against insurgents. The aim of Pakistani foreign ministry’s visit to Kabul was to strengthen bilateral relations and he assured Pakistan’s readiness to cooperate Kabul in achieving peace and stability. This is not something extraordinary. Pakistan’s repeating this in the past 17 years. This is a mere lip-service; in reality they don’t have such intention rather supporting militant outfits to wage war in Afghanistan as they see their interest in prolonging the Afghan war. The government of Afghanistan must exercise extreme caution while discussing any sort of issues with Pakistan. They are stabbing at back as they did in Ghazni fighting. Hundreds of Taliban militant attacked Ghazni province with overt support of Pakistani soldiers. Dozens of Pakistani soldiers were killed and their dead bodies transformed to Pakistan via Torkham and Chaman crossing points. We want to have a good relation with Pakistan—but does Islamabad ready to change its old policy. We are frustrated with rhetoric and look forward for action and substance. Nothing will bring trust and confidence sans Pakistan to end supporting terrorist outfits. Afghan government must stay vigilant and must not be deceived by Pakistan for another time. Always we trusted Pakistan, but received more devastation and bombings in return.

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