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Editorial: Winter offensive

Since end to the combat mission of NATO, the Taliban have changed their strategies. For them there is no break in winter now. The militant group thinks that it can come into power once again through extreme violence. Therefore, the group had accelerated the speed of subversive activities. All those who are standing against the insurgents like an iron wall are on the crosshairs of the Taliban. However, the patriots will not budge or before the foreign-sponsored anti-Afghanistan forces. There is no second opinion in it. The targeted assassination this winter began with attack on Mir Wali, a member of the Wolesi Jirga from Helmand province. In December 2016, the Taliban attacked house of Mir Wali in Kabul City.

On Tuesday, the militants carried out attacks in Kabul, Helmand and Kandahar. Though, the Taliban or its affiliate Haqqani Network did not claim responsibility for attack in Kandahar, but the provincial police chief, Gen. Abdul Raziq, alleged that the terror attack was planned and executed by Haqqanis and Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. Twin blasts in Kabul city targeted employees of the parliament while the terror attack in Kandahar claimed lives of key Afghan officials and five diplomats of the UAE. Kandahar’s deputy governor Abdul Ali Shamsi also lost his life in the cowardly attack.

Tuesday was a black day for Afghans because several people were killed and injured. No group will claim responsibility for the attack because the insurgents do not want to earn fury of the UAE. Afghan President has established a high-level probe team to investigate the terror attack in Kandahar and share the findings. Therefore, it will be too early to say who was the target but it is believed that the insurgents wanted to assassinate the police chief of Kandahar. Gen. Abdul Raziq came under attacks on different occasions.

Not it is time to respond back to the terrorists and their supporters. Afghan government and the UAE should jointly probe the incident. As the UAE has historical ties with some of the Afghan insurgent groups, therefore, her sources inside the militant groups would provide credible information about the masterminds. Besides that the Emirates should put pressure on those countries that are providing support to the Afghan militants. Terrorism is not confined to Afghanistan or problem of only Afghan people and government. The Tuesday attack has proved that terrorism is a common enemy.

In addition to that the Afghan security officials should speed up anti-insurgents military operations in the country to counter the winter offensive of the Taliban and affiliates.

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