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Editorial: Winter schedules

The National Unity Government must draw schedule how to deal with challenges posing during winter season in the country. We need to have schedule in every section, especially in security and economy. At the outset, the government should not stop targeting militant outfits during winter. Insurgents backed by the foreign sponsors are trying level best to once again prevent security forces from carrying out attack against them during winters. The recent meeting of Taliban’s representatives in Qatar is the great example that took place at the eve of winter.

It is responsibility of the government not to let the militants take breath in the cold winter and prepare for the next summer time fight. Taliban and other militant outfits would put in place every effort to keep the government busy in a talk drama aimed at stopping security forces from fighting. Moreover, those militants who could not confront front lines during winter would go to their shelters in Pakistan in order to empower and be ready in the next spring war.

There is a popular proverb as saying, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.

This time the government would turn the chapter and fail insurgent’s so-call peace talks and would not let them to spend the winter with no concerns from the security forces attacks.

In economic areas, the control of fuel prices, which often goes high during winter is the need of the hour. The prices of fuel have already gone high while a couple of days left to the winter. Afghan masses generally use firewood, coal, gas and oil to heat their family members. Firewood and coal are domestic products while we are importing oil, gas and electricity. It is a petition that the related organs should widely scan prices of fuels of the private sectors as they change prices in their favorite, especially at the eve of the winter. It seems that the traders are enjoying the ultimate decision-making power and can decide when to raise prices of the commodities.

It is known that local and foreign mafia are behind price hike of essential items. They do whatever they can to earn more money during winter. However, poverty has already reached its boiling point. People can’t purchase fuels, and due to meager resource people are losing their lives. In the last winter, numerous people including women, children and elders were died of cool.

Open market is not giving authority to the private sectors to sell their goods in any price. The government should leave no stone unturned to pressures private sectors in lowering prices. We will witness human tragedy in the winter if the support call went into deaf ears.

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