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Editorial: Wise Approach

Indeed, establishment of peace in Afghanistan is not possible without the cooperation of regional countries and also a new layout in the face of an interim or participatory government for the sake of a peaceful Afghanistan. Though, Doha agreement between the US and Taliban is still under review, it seems Washington has no more hope in the talks and has decided to approach the process from another direction. An interim government and a conference of key Afghan players have been considered under a new US scheme given to the Afghan leaders, including President Ghani. This plan was immediately faced objections by warring sides, but top Afghan officials confirmed they received the plan which is under scrutiny. So they have come from denial to concession. With peace negotiations in Doha not making progress and violence escalating across Afghanistan, the Joe Biden’s administration is trying to build consensus around alternative options with all sides. The possibility of a new type Bonn-Conference is looming by passing each day. The ongoing peace process was either put on the sideline or could cancel. Bonn Two conference apparently have discussed with Afghan leaders, and even with some US alliance, although it is not clear when and where it would be held. But likely Turkey is the first option. The US also seemingly took the UN as another alternative to convene a meeting of foreign ministers and envoys from Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India and the US itself to discuss a unified approach to supporting peace in Afghanistan. This is the most appropriate approach – having these countries on the ship would definitely help all sides, including the US to end its longest war in the most logical way. Any other option could probably lead to a peace agreement, but it would not last long. Once we have regional countries’ support, and their representatives in the grand conference on the Afghan peace, surely there would be no gape and no one will feel to have left behind. This will pave the way for a dignified, united, and long-lasting peace. However, President Ghani has already once again rejected any plan for an unelected government, but it would not be long until Mr. Ghani agrees for a power-sharing or participatory government. He is just looking for a guarantee. His concerns would soon be put to rest because this time a wise approach by inclusion of regional countries has shaped the US’s new plan. Of course, some regional countries doubt the US intention on the process, but once they are onboard, no one will be left in illusion. This is the best and historic moment for the Afghan leaders, including the Taliban, to show as much political maturity they have to end the ongoing war, and relieve the Afghan people from this deadly war. They deserve to live in peace, war is enough. 

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