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Editorial: Woman envoy to UN

Afghanistan government has named Adela Raz as new representative to United Nation couple of days back. Earlier Adela Raz was serving as Deputy Foreign Minister. It seems that in the light of her satisfactory performances as Deputy Foreign Minister Raz was assigned the task to serve Afghanistan as its Permanent Representative to UN like body. Appointment of Raz could be first ever since collapse of Taliban regime in November 2001. Now maximum responsibilities rests with Raz to serve Afghanistan and address expectations of war affected women of this country through this internationally prestigious body. Though nomination of first ever women diplomat to UN like a prestigious body deserves appreciation and commendation but since a long the Afghan nation give due respect to women in every sphere of life. Even in traditional and historical entity like Loya Jirga, the women from each and every nook of the country are not only getting due representation but even they have always expressing them on each and every issue. The list of women who remain on lucrative offices in Afghanistan since a long is too long. Most recently it was started from Seema Samar who had served the first ever government of ex-President Hamid Karzai. In past, especially in independence war against the previous colonial British rulers, the Afghan women have rendered tremendous sacrifices. It was no other than Malala of Maiwand who made history in defending her motherland. Similarly after invasion of former Soviet Union on December 27, 1979, first victims were the women of Afghanistan whether they have opposed Social Revolution or have backed the slogan of Islamic Jihad. They suffered equally. In over four decade’s turmoil, major victims are women who have lost their sons, brothers, fathers, husbands and other close relatives. At the moment million of women are passing through miseries due to lacking of male bread earners in all over Afghanistan. The Afghan leadership irrespective of their political rifts and divisions are granting due respect and honour to women in political process, administration, parliament and other entities but they utterly had failed in addressing miseries of those women who have lost their nears and dears especially bread earners in imposed wars and hostilities. Without international community’s help and support, it is hard for the Afghan government or leaders to overcome miseries of these helpless women and orphan children. Majority of these helpless women and children could be witnessed on road sides and bazaars whereas they are begging just for survival. These orphan children even unable to get enrolled in schools for getting education. Now responsibility rest with Adela Raz like diplomats to horn the peace loving, democratic minded and people of civilized world to help these war affected women and children at this crucial stage. By helping these helpless women and children of war stricken Afghanistan, the civilized world could easily get of maximum issues like religious extremism, poverty, drugs etc.

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