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Editorial: Women arrest causes resentment

Unfortunately, the war like situation lead to disgracing and insulting even to women in parts and parcels of the country, which each and every one considering detrimental to rich historical culture of Afghans throughout the region. Couple of days back Afghan and Foreign forces from Southern Kandahar province raided a house in adjacent Helmand, which official said was lead to killing of two persons allegedly associated with Al Qaeda. The personnel of special forces have arrested two women on the charges of links with Al Qaeda and other militant groups. In reaction, hundreds of civilians from all over Helmand came out on roads and they made a protest, demanding release of both the detained women. Former President Hamid Karzai also condemned arrest of women and urged the government to early release both the detainees. Justifying the raid and action, Helmand governor’s house said that the two Al Qaeda members were killed and four others including two women were arrested for their alleged links with the terrorist group. But the local people have dispelled the impression, attempted by official to create and link up the killed and detainees with the international terror group. One amongst the protesters who have blocked the Heart-Helmand highway for traffic namely Maulvi Abdul Ghafar, a resident of Nad Ali district told media that the Afghan forces raided a house where only doctors were living. He said two people were killed and two women were taken away by the Afghan forces during the raid, rejecting the statements of the governor’s house about the killing of Al Qaeda members and the arrested women were affiliated with the group. He urged the government to early release the arrested women otherwise he warned they would continue their protest and shut the governor’s house if the women were not freed. Expressing sever resentment over detention of women, former President Hamid Karzai in a statement said the incident as an anti-humanitarian and anti-Afghan act and asked the government to release the people captured in the incident with respect and stop operations. The Taliban militants have also denied links of killed and arrested people with Al Qaeda or any other militant group and said all of them were civilians. Though collateral damages and detention of innocent males in war devastated Afghanistan is considered a routine matter from last four decades but detention or target killing of women is considered unusual. Even in personal enmity or settling scores in disputes, the Afghans are respecting women. But unfortunately as a result of foreign troops involvement in field operations, now the Afghans are also terming to deaf ear such rich cultural values. The Afghan government in Kabul needs to take a notice and ensure awarding of severe punishment to responsible personnel without any further delay.

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